Springton Lake Village resides on the shores of a 391-acre reservoir in Marple Township, an historic area of Pennsylvania. According to the Marple Historical Society, a small group of Quakers from England settled in the area in 1683.

The Geist Reservoir, created in Delaware County between 1930 and 1932 by the Philadelphia Suburban Water Company, is referred to by local residents as “Springton Lake” after the former Springton Farms. In 1995, Philadelphia Suburban CEO Nicholas DeBenedictis sought a useful way to develop the 23 acres of forest on the reservoir. He consulted with noted Philadelphia architect Alexander “Alec” Ewing, Sr., who suggested that the land could be used to create a new kind of retirement community that provided a comfortable style of living with a clubhouse and other amenities.

On July 10, 2000, Marple Township approved the Planned Residential Development Plan for 40 homes and a clubhouse on 44 acres, which included additional parcels of land contiguous to the original site. On July 31st, Springton Housing Association Cooperative was incorporated. By July 2001 several housing units were under construction, and by March 1, 2002 the first homeowners moved in. In November 2002, the community’s name officially became Springton Lake Village. The clubhouse was opened on September 17, 2003, and quickly became the social center of this tight-knit community.